Remote work – what is it, and what are the benefits?

In the last decade, the concept of work has changed, and while the traditional office work environment was the standard for decades, a lot has changed with the rapid development of the information and communication technology.

Remote work

In the last decade, the concept of work has changed, and while the traditional office work environment was the standard for decades, a lot has changed with the rapid development of the information and communication technology.  Companies and working individuals have started to utilize the modern technology to change how they work, and where they work. It is no longer necessary to be physically present at the working place to get work done. Instead, work can be done remotely.

Remote work is a working style that allows individuals to work outside of the traditional office environment.  It uses the means of the modern communication and information technology. It can be done via different devices such as personal computers or mobile devices. Internet is used globally for remote communication and it has changed our lives significantly, so it is no surprise that it has impacted the business world profoundly. Today there are many online tools designed specifically for remote working to maximize the productivity and make the collaboration easier. Remote work can be done in different ways. It can be done from home or any other place with internet access. People who work remotely can choose to work in a way that’s most suited for them. One thing is consistent – remote work brings a multitude of benefits.

The benefits

Today, more and more workers tend to use the ability to work remotely. It is no wonder that this style of working is becoming more popular because it has a host of benefits for the workers and for the companies as well.

  1. It saves time
    We all know that travelling to work can be a hassle, especially if you are not fortunate enough to live close to your work place. People spend a significant amount of their precious time every day by getting to work and getting home from work. It is quite obvious that working remotely from your home can eliminate that waste of time completely. This means you get more time in your day to use as you please. Whether you use it to get more sleep, exercise, or to spend time with your loved ones, having more time in a day to use it for the things you really need to do, instead of spending it on traveling to work is undoubtedly a huge benefit.
  1. It saves money
    As stated above, working remotely eliminates the hassle of having to travel to work, which will save you not only time but money as well! It will reduce or completely eliminates costs such as gas, car maintenance, parking fees, professional wardrobe, lunches bought out, and child care.
  1. It saves the environment
    Remote commuting helps the environment in different ways. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by taking off a great number of vehicles from roads and reduces oil spending. Remote workers can also opt to use less paper and optimize the use of air conditioning, heating and lighting which will reduce energy consumption.
  1. It increases productivity
    Working from home can reduce the number of distractions and make you more productive. You have more time to work and you can work peacefully without the distracting office chatter. You can also stop worrying about your wardrobe and dress more casually and comfortably. You will essentially have a personalized office space that you can arrange to your likings.
  1. It makes you happier and healthier
    Working remotely can really impact the way you feel about work. It can help you achieve a better work-life balance by allowing you to organize your time better. Many remote works come with more flexible schedules which means you have much more control over your working process. This is extremely valuable when you are trying to attend all the needs of your personal life. The way you communicate with your superiors and co-workers changes as well with remote communication and it can get more effective and positive without the distractions and politics that come along with the traditional office work environment.

Working from home can lead to better health as well. You will have more time for physical activity, the ability to eat healthier and recover from illness at home, be less exposed to possible causes of illness and have the ability to improve your working space ergonomically.

Remote work

It is obvious that remote working has a whole list of benefits that will positively impact the worker, the company and the environment. It will save you time, money, increase your productivity, help you make healthier choices and save the environment. What more can you ask for?

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