Screen sharing Screen sharing

WebBoard's screen sharing feature is a tool used to capture your screen and cast it to your team members, allowing you to show them any kind of material.

Screencasts can help demonstrate and teach the use of software features. Creating a screencast helps software developers show off their work. Educators may also use screencasts as another means of integrating technology into the curriculum. Students can record video and audio as they demonstrate the proper procedure to solve a problem on an interactive whiteboard.

Screencasts are useful tools for ordinary software users as well: They help filing report bugs in which the screencasts take the place of potentially unclear written explanations; they help showing others how a given task is accomplished in a specific software environment.

When you share anything on your computer screen, actions you take in the shared region are visible to all participants in the meeting. Participants follow the progress of your cursor as you move it across your screen.

Browser support

Browser Support
Chrome Chrome True
Firefox Firefox True
Opera Opera True
Safari Safari False
Edge Edge True
Internet explorer Internet explorer False
Chrome mobile Chrome mobile False
Firefox mobile Firefox mobile False