Advanced drawing tools Advanced drawing tools

WeBoard's advanced drawing tools enable you to draw amazing sketches, which can help you convey your ideas easily. From pen and shape tools to image, video and PDF upload, WeBoard has it all!

WeBoard's numerous tools allow you to draw anything you like. You can draw with your mouse, fingers, touch pad or touch pen. You can also upload numerous file types to your boards, inluding any type of image, PDF's and videos.

Everything you draw becomes an object which you can later select and modify as you see fit. All drawn content is scaled to the participants viewport while sharing, which enables seemless tracking of lectures or meetings.

Tools include the following:

  • Select tool
  • Eraser tool
  • Pen tool
  • Line tool
  • Arrow tool
  • Polyline tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Circle tool
  • Ellipse tool
  • Triangle tool
  • Star tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Text tool
  • Post-it tool
  • Image, PDF and video upload tools
  • Zoom in/out
  • Pan tool

More to come...

Browser support

Browser Support
Chrome Chrome True
Firefox Firefox True
Opera Opera True
Safari Safari True
Edge Edge True
Internet explorer Internet explorer True
Chrome mobile Chrome mobile True
Firefox mobile Firefox mobile True