Welcome to WebBoard

Here at CodeLabs, we felt there was a need for an ultimate web tool that would make remote communication and coordination more easy, effective and fun, so we made one!

Welcome to WebBoard!

Here at CodeLabs, we felt there was a need for an ultimate web tool that would make remote communication and coordination more easy, effective and fun, so we made one!

WebBoard is a very useful tool for developers, online and offline instructors, and team leaders. If you deal with any sort of online communication and collaboration, you are in a need of a tool that is going to optimize your performance and make the experience easier and more effective for everyone involved. Managing your business communications can be very time consuming and expensive. There are a lot of things you have to worry about, like money, traveling, and renting office spaces. We have a tool that is going to make things easier, less expensive, and more fun! Keep on reading to learn what you can do with WebBoard.

What is WebBoard?

WebBoard is a virtual whiteboard web application, a real-time collaboration tool designed for everyone who is in need of efficient and easy means for online communication and coordination. Whether you are a lecturer, team leader, developer,  or a manager,  if you use, or want to use, the internet as a way to communicate and collaborate, WebBoard is a secure, cross-device and touch-friendly solution for you. All you need to use our WebBoard is an internet connection and a web browser.

You can use WebBoard in different ways to communicate and share ideas with your team.  You can create amazing sketches on desktop, mobile and TV devices and share them with others in real-time.  With it, you can turn every online board into your office or classroom and use it to brainstorm or save your ideas. It will make sharing ideas, managing tasks and giving instructions much more easy and efficient.

How WebBoard works?

The WebBoard app is launched and runs directly in a web browser.  Accessing it is as easy as going to the webboard.io webpage.  When you log in, you can make your boards private, which allows you to invite others to participate.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Access with any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices
  • Easily write, save, reuse and share ideas when on the go
  • Update your brainstorming board whenever you have a new idea
  • Draw with a mouse, touchscreen or touchpad

WebBoard features

WebBoard has a vast number of features which can make collaborating with your team seamless. A set of tools at your fingertips which can help you take away your board from first annotations to fully streamed lectures and meetings.

Responsive layout enables you to view your boards on any device scaled to the devices proportions. No matter if you are using a desktop, mobile or TV device, this allows you to keep track of the board state in real-time easily.

WeBoard's touch friendly interface enables drawing with a mouse, finger, touch pad, or touch pen on any device. It does not matter whether you are working on a laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV. You can always draw in the way it suits you.

Advanced drawing tools enable you to draw amazing sketches, which can help you convey your ideas easily. From pen and shape tools to image, video and PDF upload, WebBoard has it all!

Audio/Video/Text chat features can help you communicate your ideas with your team seamlessly. You can hold or join lectures or meetings and talk with your team members as if you were in the same room.

WebBoard's file sharing enables you to share multiple files with multiple users simultaneously. Before sharing, files are saved in your in-app storage, which allows you to reuse entire boards for different teams without having to re-share your files.

Screen sharing feature is a tool used to capture your screen and cast it to your team members, allowing you to show them any kind of material.

Screen recording feature is a tool that enables you to capture any area of your screen and record it, after which it is saved to your in-app storage, where you can review, share, edit, delete or download it later.

Collaboration mode

To share WebBoard content between two or more organizations, you must create a collaboration and collaboration workspace, associate a group from your organization to the workspace, and invite participants to the collaboration. WebBoard allows you to collaborate with your team where everyone can edit the board.

Teacher mode

WebBoard allows you to give lectures where only you can edit the board. While using WebBoard app, Teachers have access to additional WebBoard Live features and customization options.

How can I join WebBoard?

Starting your WebBoard experience is simple and easy. Just sign up and create a free account.  As for pricing, there are individual pricing plans suited for individual teachers, lecturers, managers, designers or developers.

We offer a free membership option that includes the following:

  • Basic Tools
  • 10 Saved Board
  • Single Page On The Board
  • Public boards only
  • Audio/Video/Text Chat
  • File Sharing
  • 2GB Storage Space

If you want more and you want to explore all the WebBoard features, you can access a 14-day free trial of all Premium features when you sign up, so you can see for yourself how you can benefit from all that our WebBoard has to offer. 

You can get your Premium account at just 10€ per month! Premium monthly membership includes:

  • Advanced Tools
  • 1000 Saved Boards
  • Unlimited Pages On The Board
  • Private and public boards
  • PDF / Video upload
  • Audio/Video/Text Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Chrome / Firefox Screen Sharing
  • Chrome / Firefox Screen Recording
  • Unlimited Users On The Board
  • 30GB Storage Space
  • Calendar Access

WebBoard offers you all the tools you can possibly need for efficient and easy online communication and collaboration. If you are looking for the way to manage your teams, give lectures and share ideas with others easily, WebBoard is an affordable, safe and simple solution for you.

Are you ready to start?

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