The only real-time collaboration tool that has all the tools you’ll ever need

WebBoard enables you to teach or collaborate on the fly seamlessly. Create amazing sketches on desktop, mobile and TV devices and share them with your team in real-time. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser!

WebBoard is an online, secure, cross-device and touch-friendly solution for distributed teams, online instructors, managers, and leaders. With it, you can turn every online board into your office or classroom and use it to for teaching, brainstorming or just saving your ideas.

Online, cross-device and touch-friendly

Save and share your ideas at any time and reach out to anyone anywhere around the globe

The WebBoard app is launched and runs directly in a web browser. Accessing it is as easy as going to the webpage. By logging in, users can make their boards private, allowing them to invite others to participate.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Access with any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices
  • Easily write, save, reuse and share ideas when on the go
  • Update your brainstorming board whenever you have a new idea
  • Draw with a mouse, touchscreen or touchpad

All the drawing tools you'll ever need

Draw amazing sketches and upload files to boards

Along with enabling you to draw, WeBoard also enables you to write text, upload files, keep tabs on your moves and much more.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Draw with pen and shape tools
  • Upload images, videos and PDF's to your boards
  • Write plain text or post-it notes
  • Select and modify any board content
  • Undo or redo your moves

Unlimited drawing space

Brainstorm with your team, share and save your ideas

If you're brainstorming, organizing, or communicating ideas, it doesn't get much better than a classroom or office whiteboard. Now imagine having all that online, with unlimited space to draw, at the touch of your fingertips accessible from anywhere! 

Use WebBoard to:

  • Draw and share your ideas on a huge canvas where you have a lot of space to move and draw
  • Create unlimited pages on single boards
  • Collaborate with your participants on separate pages while drawing simultaneously
  • Zoom or pan your boards to view them from a birds eye perspective

Shared storage space

Reuse same boards and shares for different teams

We tought about reusabillity so we made it so that all your shared and drawn content is stored. Which removes the hastle of always having to reshare same files for different teams.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Save files and reuse them at any time from anywhere
  • Save important conversations, review past conversations and delete them whenever you like
  • Create classrooms or meeting rooms without having to share same content multiple times, just reuse one board for different teams

Real-time collaboration

Communicate with your team as if you were sitting next to each other

Not only can you video/audio chat with your participants, you can also share and record your screen, share files and send text messages, and post notes to boards.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Video/audio and text chat with your team 
  • Share files of any type
  • Share your screen so you can encompass any sort of material
  • Record your screen and store recordings for later reviews and sharing
  • Post notes on a board to explain what it is about

A virtual classroom or meeting room

Hold or keep track of lectures and meetings 

You can invite an entire team no matter where they are to brainstorm on your virtual boards and have your ideas safely saved in one place.

Use WebBoard to:

  • Hold meetings or lectures from the comfort of your home
  • Attend meetings or lectures while on the move
  • Invite as many people as you want to participate on your boards
  • Reuse material as you see fit without having to draw or share it multiple times
All plans are monthly subscriptions. We offer 14-day free trial access to Premium features for Free subscriptions!